Holistic wellness is an Alternative method of care.  Get educated & make a commitment to assume greater responsibility for your own health. Holistic Care takes into account the physical, mental & emotional well being & health of people when treating or preventing disease.  As a Holistic Wellness Consultant, I help people to create an experience of optimal

(whole person) health.

Cynthia Maurice, CHLC, CWC   is now offering these treatments at SPA~ology in Surfside Beach, SC

Take the holistic approach and Be the designer of your own life

Give the gift of wellness

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  • ​individuals & couples
  • holistic life coaching
  • wellness coaching
  • reflexology
  • healing aroma-therapy
  • healing gentle touch aroma-therapy
  • reiki
  • meditation
  • ​managing menopause
  • stress/pain management
  • some group classes


Cynthia Maurice, CHLC, CWC

of ​The Joys Holistic Wellness

                               now offering Natural Wellness Treatments & Coaching in Surfside Beach, SC

Natural Wellness

in Surfside Beach, SC

Cynthia Maurice of The Joys Holistic Wellness has recently teamed with a group of  other professionals to be able to offer our clients a wide array of natural wellness in Surfside Beach. We will be providing these treatments at SPA~ology, located at 780-F Highway 17 Business South in Surfside Beach, South Carolina